What are the risks?

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Any type of surgery involves a degree of risk. Close monitoring of the patient after surgery will allow any complications to be quickly noticed and promptly treated.

Possible complications from surgery include:Plastic Surgery Clinic Toronto

Internal bleeding:

Any type of surgery causes bleeding in the area of the operation. If the accumulation of blood, normally noticeable by swelling, discolouration of the skin and pain, is small, it will absorb by itself. If it is large, your surgeon may need to drain it.

External bleeding:

Blood leaking from the incision and onto your dressing can normally be stopped by applying pressure to the area. A small amount of ooze is entirely expected. However, if it continues and it is significant, your surgeon may need to reopen the incision to stop the bleeding.


Any surgery risks infection. An infection normally becomes noticeable a few days after surgery, by pain, redness, heat and swelling. It can normally be treated with antibiotics and dressing changes. In severe cases, hospitalization may be required.

Some patients can experience nerve injury and have trouble moving muscles or lose feeling in the area of the operation. In most cases, this is temporary and sensation will return.

Tissue loss (necrosis):

Patients who smoke are at a greater risk for tissue loss, which occurs when tissue does not receive sufficient oxygen from the blood. When this happens, the skin becomes discoloured and forms a dark dry crust that will become black and fall off, leaving a scar. The underlying tissues heal by themselves. Tissue loss is uncommon in non-smokers.

Other risk factors are directly related to the type of procedure and area on which it will be performed. For example, breast enhancement (augmentation) related complications include sensory damage, skin discolouration, formation of scar tissue and asymmetry. On the other hand, Plastic Surgery of the face can cause tissue damage, unnatural looking features and premature aging.

A skilled Plastic Surgeon can help minimize the risk of complications however, no-one can completely eliminate the risk of complications. Complications occur even when things are done correctly. This is the nature of surgery.

Dr. O’Grady will evaluate your health factors and your surgery options and will discuss in detail any potential risk factors and answer your questions and concerns.