Different Looks

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The outcome of a breast augmentation in any given patient is influenced by a number of factors. These factors, along with their effect, are listed below:

Implant Size – Larger sizes look more “fake”.

Implant Pocket – Sub pectoral are more blunted and natural appearing, but are more visible during exercise in athletes.

Incision Placement – Inframammary scars are the most visible, axillary scars are the least.

Implant shape – Round implants are a great choice for augmentation – no concerns regarding rotation, tear drop shapes can add more volume to the lower portion of the breast, and less to the upper portion, giving a more natural appearance of the breast.

Pocket dissection – Too large a pocket will cause the implants to shift and move, stretching the skin prematurely, causing an unsightly appearance. The pockets may also be too close together, too far apart, too high, or too low, again giving an unnatural appearance.

Downsizing – Implants placed for a long time may just be too large for the patient. They can over-stretch the skin, causing a droopy appearance. Implants can be downsized and a breast lift performed, giving the patient a more youthful and appropriate breast shape.

Different sized implants – Patients with breast asymmetry or one breast a different size than the other, can have this corrected with implants of a different size.

Implant type – Saline implants are more adjustable and can be placed through a smaller incision but look and feel unnatural. Silicone implants, while requiring a larger incision, tend to look and feel more natural.