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Reduction mammaplasty, or breast reduction can improve your appearance and relieve the back, shoulder and neck pain and skin irritation caused by large, heavy breasts.

Breast reduction can also help improve your quality of life, making it easier to find clothing that fits and making sports more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

Reduction mammaplasty may be covered by your provincial health plan (OHIP).

Mastopexy, or breast lift, remedies sagging breasts and restores a youthful contour to your chest, while improving shape and symmetry. A breast lift may also be performed with breast enhancement (augmentation) surgery for women who have lost some of their breasts’ fullness.

How do breast reduction and breast lifts work?

How do breast reduction and breast lifts work?

Both breast reductions and lifts are usually performed under general anesthesia.

Reduction surgery removes an appropriate amount of skin and breast tissue in order to reshape the breast. The breast is also lifted at the time of reduction. The size of the areola can also be reduced as well. Breasts with a lot of fatty tissue, especially at the sides and under the arms, may be further sculpted with liposuction, the sucking of fat cells for permanent removal.

For a breast lift, usually two incisions are made – around the areola and then vertically from the bottom edge of the areolar to the crease underneath the breast. It is commonly referred to as a “lollipop” incision. Rarely, a third incision is required along the natural curve of the breast crease. Excess skin is then removed and the nipple and areola are moved to a higher position, creating a higher, tighter breast. Liposuction may also be used to improve the shape.

How will I heal from my breast reduction or breast lift?

The length of your hospital stay will depend on your health, the extent of the procedure and your Surgeon’s judgement. Generally, patients go home the same day of surgery, but may occasionally stay overnight in the hospital.

Bruising usually subsides after the first two to three weeks, though swelling may last several months. It takes about a year for the scars to completely mature and your breast to assume its final shape and position.

Our Surgeons are experienced Plastic Surgeons and have a fellowship in breast reconstruction and aesthetic breast surgery from leading facilities in Canada.

We will evaluate your current health and physical state to determine the best surgical options to lessen any discomfort from large breasts while achieving a better figure and better quality of life.

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