Dr. Haley Augustine

Dr. Augustine, Plastic Surgeon, commands an artistic and skilled approach;

Dr. Augustine

About Dr. Augustine

Dr. Augustine strives to provide comprehensive and detailed care for her patients. Whether it is a traumatized hand, restoring the body after cancer surgery, or working to achieve desired cosmetic goals, she will work with you to restore form and function.

Dr. Augustine is a Board-Certified, Fellowship trained Plastic surgeon and an active member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Born and raised in Toronto, she welcomes returning home after training across Canada and abroad to serve her patients in the York region.

Dr. Augustine’s Plastic Surgery Practice

During medical training, Dr. Augustine was drawn to plastic surgery while she was exposed to the artistry and detail demanded in the specialty. After completing plastic surgery training at McMaster University in Hamilton, she went on to complete a fellowship at Toronto Western Hospital in hand, wrist, and peripheral nerve surgery. Prior to medicine, Dr. Augustine completed her Masters in occupational therapy at Dalhousie University and continues to combine her therapeutic approach and surgical expertise to treat her patients. Throughout training, Dr. Augustine received multiple accolades and awards for her research, teaching, and academic excellence.